Saturday, January 9, 2010

So we're in!

Happy new year to all of you!

During the season of the New Year, I love reading all the wrap-up/prediction columns in newspapers and magazines. Here's something I learned from the Dec. 30 Kansas City Star, in an article entitled "10 home trends worthy of a new decade" — Quilts, hooked rugs, needlepoint, and chintz are going to be popular elements in home decor in the 2010s.

Wait, didn't all of us already believe that, at least for our own homes? But now we're validated!

Patricia Shackelford, Kansas City author of the nationally recognized design blog "Mrs. Blandings," says that the new decade will see a return to the interior design sensibilities of Sister Parish, Kennedy White House decorator, who used heirlooms or pieces with history.

Good news for us quilters, who often like to needlepoint, knit, hook rugs or make other handcrafts as well. And what to do with all those finished quilts, rugs, etc, but to put them on our beds, walls, table tops, and anywhere else there's a spare space?

So, here's to being in style! (At least in our home decor; let's not even think about my wardrobe!)

BTW, the article also quoted Parish's granddaughter, Susan Bartlett Crater, talking about the coming popularity of black walls. Dark walls make smaller rooms look bigger, Crater said, adding "Black also pops color in a sophisticated way." Again, quilters have known that for years! I tell you, I felt so smart after reading that article!

Here's one of my favorite wall quilts, Midnight Garden from Butternut and Blue, Quilts from the Civil War. No black background, but a nice dark blue made all the light colors pop.


  1. what welcome news! thanks for reporting on the reporting.....

  2. I tried your "removable dot label" method for circles. FANTASTIC. I posted a pic on my blog, the ones in the stars I used the dots, they are so much better than the other dots! THANK YOU!